Stockpile throws a Stock Party

DJ wanted stock for his birthday.

That’s what Palo Alto startup Stockpile mentioned when we started discussing our first project with them, coincidentally their first foray into video production. Local artist, photographer, filmmaker DJ Johnson turned 40 this past year. In lieu of a birthday party, he asked for his friends and family to invest in Stockpile stocks on his behalf. DJ has since educated his local community on the power of investing and inspired others to follow suit.  When Stockpile caught wind of what was going on, while thankful and impressed, they still thought DJ deserved a real birthday party. So they gave him one and brought us along to document the whole process.

Blending into the background, enjoying the party, conducting interviews, our team was able to capture real moments between DJ and his loved ones. A fun, fast-paced edit helps sell Stockpile as a tool for hassle-free investing made for everyone. The hardest part was recognizing the opportunity, once we showed up DJ and his crew took care of the rest.

What’s great about producing content like this is it’s real. Stockpile came to us with a simple idea; to document the cool things they were already doing. By seizing this opportunity, they created fun and engaging original content. DJ’s message not only raises awareness of their product but inspires others to follow in his footsteps. He is a real customer, a satisfied one at that, and being able to share his story with others is better than any 5-star Yelp review.

In a saturated market, what are you doing to stand out from the crowd? How are you connecting with your customers and clients? It’s your story, we can help you share it.

Check out the link here for the full write-up on Stockpile’s blog.

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