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The only thing we take too seriously is the quality of your video.

James LeGrand
James LeGrand
Managing Partner | Operations
Mike Robertson
Mike Robertson
Managing Partner | Production
Will Buckley
Will Buckley
Account Director
John-Paul Steele
John-Paul Steele
Director of Photography
Case Cain
Case Cain
Video Creator
Since 2011 we created videos for startups to fortune 500’s from San Francisco to Seoul. From commercials to testimonials, product videos to event coverage, we can handle your video needs with our friendly in-house team. We're happy to provide individual services like a videographer for an event, or taking the reigns and managing video projects from pre-production through post.


Creative Development

Need a video but not sure where to start? We can help you develop strategies to meet your video goals while staying within budget.

Video Production

Not every project requires a large, costly production crew. That’s why we offer scalable crew options to meet your project needs and budget.


Our in-house post team is capable of handling all your video editing needs with quick turnaround times. We also use Wipster to make the revisions process collaborative and organized!

Live Stream

Live Stream

We can live-stream your next conference or event, build a custom studio for you to produce video content from your office, or outfit a custom portable kit for traveling.


Let your clients do the talking with cinematic testimonial videos.


Let your clients do the talking.


Showcase your latest products and services.


Showcase your latest products and services with professional video content.


Capture highlights from your company events.


Share highlights from your company events, conferences and more.


Get custom live stream solutions for your business.


Get custom live stream solutions for your business.


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We can help whether you're looking for a videographer to capture an event, a light crew to film testimonials or a full team to produce your next commercial.


Hire a local videographer in Atlanta with the support of a full production company for your next event or other videography needs.

Light Crew

Cost-effective solutions to assemble nimble teams for capturing event footage, testimonials, and light productions.

Full Team

We can scale up productions with our trusted vendors to fill every needed position with a friendly and professional team.

Post Only

Already have the footage? We can edit new projects or help improve your existing videos.


  • How much does it cost to make a video?

    Videos come in all shapes and sizes. Instead of giving a blanket price, we help you create the most effective content within their available budgets. We’re also happy to provide our best recommendations based on your wants and needs.

  • How long does it take to make a video?

    Videos can take a few days for simple interviews and b-roll shoots, to a few weeks for more complex productions like television commercials or crowdfunding videos. We can give you an accurate timeline based on our current workload and your project’s scope of work.

  • What services are included?

    We offer all-inclusive services to complete your video project from start to finish. That means we can write your script, manage all the pre-production, production and post-production, even work with you on social media strategies. It’s as simple as helping us identify your project needs, and kicking back while we get to work!

  • Is Carbon Film an in-house team?

    Carbon Film is a full-service production company with staff employees and a large directory of freelance vendors to help us scale productions with specialty roles as needed.

  • Why hire Carbon Film VS a videographer?

    While you may pay a higher premium, we have the infrastructure and staff to manage multiple projects at once, ensuring you always have our attention.  With Carbon Film, you can rest easy knowing you have a dedicated team ready to capture footage or edit videos at a moment’s notice.

  • Do I get access to the raw footage?

    Yep! We store all the captured and supplied assets for your projects on our trusty 100TB RAID storage system with easy cloud access to download your files from anywhere!

  • Can I supply you with the footage and edit it?

    Absolutely! We can download your raw footage from a hard drive or you can upload footage to our server and then our post-production team gets to work editing your project. We also use Wipster to easily manage the revisions process.

  • What are your payment terms?

    We require a minimum of 50% to start a project and the remaining balance once the project is completed. We also offer a discount for paying in full at the start of your project.

  • How do I start a project?

    Schedule a your free consultation with us or  give us a call at 678-607-5291.