Getting Spooky with Milo’s Tea

Getting Spooky with Milo’s Tea

If you’ve spent any time in the south you’ve likely seen Milo’s old school plastic jugs adorning the shelves of the supermarket, gas stations, or even your own cabinets. In short, Milo’s is an institution, their sweet tea is the sweet tea (nobody’s claiming it’s better than Grandma’s OK?).

Milo’s is a company we were super excited to work for. Not only are they a staple in our office, but their branding is also fantastic and their video content is limited. A perfect opportunity for us to help them create something awesome.

Lucky for us, Milo’s already had some ideas on the table. The project was to consist mainly of three styles of video. The first, and more complicated of the two, would be a series of seasonal craft “how-to” videos featuring crafts that could be made with empty Milo’s Gallon jugs. Needless to say, this is marketing gold. Let’s break it down.

Who’s buying 2-gallon jugs of Milo’s? In general, who buys drinks 2 gallons at a time? We’ve already established grandma is making her own, so she’s out. Your average college kid has a refrigerator the size of a toaster, and if they buy a gallon it’ll last them a while. A man or woman living on their own might buy a jug, but again not with frequency. Families on the other hand, especially with 2 or more kids, can tear through 2 gallons in no time. With the craft videos, Milo’s is reaching out directly to this demographic.

Moms and Dads of large families know how hard it is to parent multiple kids. They live for the times where their children are hard at work on a project, giving them much needed peace and quiet, or time to connect. The crafts are geared toward smaller children, inspiring them to create with everyday items. Parents appreciate the sentiment, they buy Milo’s, quality time ensues, and Milo’s becomes part of the family.  The best part is, the videos aren’t selling Milo’s Sweet Tea, Lemonade, or any other of their delicious flavors. They’re selling an empty jug, exactly what Milo’s wants you to have because that means you need more.

The second series of top-down “Cookerly” style videos, accomplishes something similar. For example, one recipe uses an entire two-gallon jug of Milo’s to create a delicious turkey brine (which is surprisingly fantastic). Milo’s hopes that when shopping for recipes like this, not only will you get a jug for the brine, but another for the table.

The third series of videos consisted of lifestyle content, showcasing both a family dinner and party scenario. These videos are meant to be suggestions. Not sure what to prepare for dinner tonight? Why not pasta, and you know what goes well with pasta…? You guessed it. Milo’s lemonade. In one scene a delicious taco meal sits steaming on the dinner table, suddenly a jug of Milo’s unsweet tea is set down. With a perfect pairing, the meal is complete. At least Milo’s hopes you’ll think so.

This is just a small overview of what makes these videos so awesome. If you’d like to make videos like these please get in touch, we do too.




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