K-Tek KE-79CC Travel Avalon Series Boom Pole Review

After 10 years of using our trust K-Tek KE89CC boom pole, it was time to get something new. We recently purchased a new travel case for our audio equipment. We wanted an all-in-one kit, including the boom pole. Unfortunately, the KE89CC was just a few inches too long for our new case, the Pelican 1605 […]

Portable Live Stream kit for APLA

Below you'll find the equipment list to accompany APLA's portable live stream production kit.     QTYPRODUCTDESCRIPTIONVIEW2Amaran 100x Bi-Color LED Video LightThese are bright Bi-color lights, while maintaining a slim and light profile.2Neewer 9' Light StandThis is a 2 pack of nice, semi durable stands. These are on the more affordable side, while still providing [...]

Sharing your mobile app with video

There’s a small technology company by the name of Applied Information Inc based just outside of Atlanta that’s been cooking up some pretty big things lately. While you might not have heard of them, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered their products. Applied Info’s mission is simple; to make commuting safer. Up until recently their bread & butter […]

Recruit employees with video

If you live in a larger city like Atlanta and have recently been looking into purchasing home, you’re probably aware of the sheer number of older, distressed homes that have newly been renovated into modern ranch beauties. Chip and Joanna style. One company at the forefront of this massive opportunity is Residential Capital Management, or […]

Hassle-Free Guaranteed

e love to travel, but bringing production on the road brings a unique set of challenges. When it comes down to it, the most important thing when it comes to any shoot is Pre-Production, and this is doubly true when your shoot is out of town. Getting everything squared away before we leave our home […]

Bolliball – Baby’s first commercial

Marketing a new product for children under the age of 2 isn’t easy. Since babies’ pockets tend to run a little shallow, it’s the Mothers you have to convince. Is it safe? Is it fun? Why should my baby need this? Lucky for us, New York-based toymakers OgoSport had already created a fun and exciting toy for […]