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Sharing your mobile app with video

There’s a small technology company by the name of Applied Information Inc based just outside of Atlanta that’s been cooking up some pretty big things lately. While you might not have heard of them, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered their products. Applied Info’s mission is simple; to make commuting safer. Up until recently their bread & butter […]

Recruit employees with video

If you live in a larger city like Atlanta and have recently been looking into purchasing home, you’re probably aware of the sheer number of older, distressed homes that have newly been renovated into modern ranch beauties. Chip and Joanna style. One company at the forefront of this massive opportunity is Residential Capital Management, or […]

Hassle-Free Guaranteed

e love to travel, but bringing production on the road brings a unique set of challenges. When it comes down to it, the most important thing when it comes to any shoot is Pre-Production, and this is doubly true when your shoot is out of town. Getting everything squared away before we leave our home […]

Bolliball – Baby’s first commercial

Marketing a new product for children under the age of 2 isn’t easy. Since babies’ pockets tend to run a little shallow, it’s the Mothers you have to convince. Is it safe? Is it fun? Why should my baby need this? Lucky for us, New York-based toymakers OgoSport had already created a fun and exciting toy for […]

Crowdfunding your tech product

For years, Elite Hrv has been using their knowledge of health and fitness to promote healthy lifestyles through the use of their mobile HRV tracking app. Taking advantage of existing sensor-based devices, like chest straps and other wearables the data they collected helped educate customers about HRV and kept physicians/trainers up to date on the […]

Getting Spooky with Milo’s Tea

If you’ve spent any time in the south you’ve likely seen Milo’s old school plastic jugs adorning the shelves of the supermarket, gas stations, or even your own cabinets. In short, Milo’s is an institution, their sweet tea is the sweet tea (nobody’s claiming it’s better than Grandma’s OK?). Milo’s is a company we were super excited to work […]

How to Build a Super Car

In 2000 UK based Ariel released their first production Ariel Atom. The lotus-inspired, super light speed demon, revved up the dreams of many car enthusiasts. Since its debut, they’ve gone on to improve just about every aspect of the Atom, as well as introducing a new off-road model dubbed the Nomad. Expanding its production across […]

Stockpile throws a Stock Party

DJ wanted stock for his birthday. That’s what Palo Alto startup Stockpile mentioned when we started discussing our first project with them, coincidentally their first foray into video production. Local artist, photographer, filmmaker DJ Johnson turned 40 this past year. In lieu of a birthday party, he asked for his friends and family to invest […]




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