Crowdfunding your tech product

Crowdfunding your tech product

For years, Elite Hrv has been using their knowledge of health and fitness to promote healthy lifestyles through the use of their mobile HRV tracking app. Taking advantage of existing sensor-based devices, like chest straps and other wearables the data they collected helped educate customers about HRV and kept physicians/trainers up to date on the health of their clients. With over 100K app users, Elite HRV already had a strong user base. People love their software, but there was one issue. All other devices used to measure HRV were clunky and uncomfortable, adding a lot of hassle to users’ daily routine.

In tune with their userbase through forums and feedback, Elite HRV heard their customers and decided to do something about it. In doing so they created a product that would directly address problems consumers were having. Months later, the CorSense by Elite HRV made its developmental debut.  

When we came onboard, Elite HRV informed us that this was their first video. Fine with us, we guided them through the whole process, and they were a joy to work with. The product already had a market, and they already had a pipeline in which to deliver their message, all they needed was a video to show off their new product. We settled on an informative Lifestyle shoot that would introduce the new product, and illustrate the CorSense’s place in a healthy daily routine.

For the overall success of Elite’s new endeavor, they needed to not only fund their new product but sell an active lifestyle. HRV is most useful when tracked consistently, and paying attention to how your lifestyle impacts your overall health.  The content we captured educates users on how to stay on top of their health by pairing the CorSense with Elite’s stellar app.

In the end, the project reached its goal, bringing almost $200,000 in to help develop a full commercial model of the CorSense (due out this April).




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