Live Stream Equipment Purchase List

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Wireless Video Transmitter

I've never personally used this product. But it had a good rating on Amazon and it costs enough that it should be stable.


1in 4out Video Splitter

You will need this to split video signals from the computer, to the two monitors + the wireless video transmitter. and you'll need an additional one on the recieving end of your wireless reviever. This will take the wireless transmitter signal and split it out 4 times for each of your 27" monitors. They don't make a 1in 3out, so you might as well


Wireless Video Transmitters - Option 2

This is a second option for the wireless transmitter. It costs a little more money, but you won't need 1 of the 2 video splitters (1in 4out). I have actually used this company, and they make good products. They also make even cheaper options - I just can't make a recommendation on those.