Portable Live Stream kit for APLA

Below you’ll find the equipment list to accompany APLA’s portable live stream production kit.








Amaran 100x Bi-Color LED Video Light

These are bright Bi-color lights, while maintaining a slim and light profile.


Neewer 9' Light Stand

This is a 2 pack of nice, semi durable stands. These are on the more affordable side, while still providing adequate support for your lights.


Godex Softbox

These are used to soften the light. You will need one of these for each of the two lights you purchase.


2 Pack - 25' Extension Cords (Power)

These are extension cords for primarily lights. If you already have extension cords, you might not need these


Stream Deck XL

I recommend the XL version of this. It will allow for more space and additions which simplifies the live stream experience.


15' Thin HDMI Cable

This is for connecting your Camera to the streambox. It's a long (15') thin, easy to manage HDMI Cable. You will want one of these per camera


3 Pack of 3' HDMI Cables

This is a 3 pack of 3' HDMI cables. You only need 1 cable, but the price is the same as some cables that are in three pack. These are thin HDMI cables, which makes them easier to manage than a traditional HDMI Cable.


Tripod with Fluid Head (72")

A quality tripod with smooth motion. If you already have a tripod to use, you will not need this. This tripod is 72 Inches and will work for both an interview where the subject is either sitting or sitting.


Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

You can always use your own headphones, and or find any cheap pair. These have a very solid sound quality for the price. They also have the advantage of not being ear buds that people don't want to share. Ear buds are recommended for people traveling, but if the streambox is going to live at a single location, I recommend over the ear headphones.