Hassle-Free Guaranteed

Hassle-Free Guaranteed

e love to travel, but bringing production on the road brings a unique set of challenges. When it comes down to it, the most important thing when it comes to any shoot is Pre-Production, and this is doubly true when your shoot is out of town. Getting everything squared away before we leave our home base is essential and failing to do so could add thousands to the overall budget. Thankfully our all-star producers have done this before.

We last visited San Antonio on a project for Mission Ridge. When Tire pros told us they would be shooting there, we immediately agreed (mostly because of Tex-Mex). The project was a large one, with lots of moving parts. Tire pros were holding their annual franchisee conference at the beautiful JW Marriott Resort, at which they would be revealing their new nation-wide TV ad. The ad had a heartfelt message and would end with a personalized message from each of the local franchisees. We were responsible for capturing these ending plates.

Producer Will Buckley on the subject:

“Attempting to capture 225 individual business owners over the course of two days at a conference 1000 miles away was an intimidating task. We needed 3 separate production teams running all day in order to capture everything. Luckily, I had an amazing team to lean on, and a client who’s preparation was above and beyond what I expected. As a producer, most of my work comes before we roll cameras, and as soon as we wrap. Between shipping gear, coordinating a local crew in Texas, and assembling a team of editors to tackle the deliverables, this project had a lot of moving parts. The thing that really led to our success was the people involved”

One of those people was James LeGrand, Co-founder of Carbon Film, who in preparation for the shoot developed a platform that would help us schedule and track our deliverables. He had this to say about the process.

“When preparing for 200+ deliverables, an organized workflow was key. We decided to create our own application to help automate processes like setting up deliverable tasks for editors that pull information directly from the production team using web forms, automatic folder creation that correctly labels the folder based on the deliverable name. A built-in dashboard helped us monitor the progress across all deliverables. The application, designed in Zoho Creator, allowed us to build exactly what we needed to get the job done correctly, the first time.”

Because that’s what we do here at Carbon Film, we do it right, the first time. Thanks for reading! If you’d like to discuss a project please drop us a line! We’re waiting….




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